apitherapy FAQ’s

1. Q. I’ve heard that when starting to take Bee Pollen you must do so gradually. Why? A. This ancient food source contains nearly all nutrients required by people. Unfortunately it can cause an allergic or even anaphylactic reaction, so to test for a potential allergy it is suggested that you consume only a few granules initially. If you have no adverse reactions slowly increase to 1/4 teaspoon. Once your body is accustomed to it, the normal daily dosage is 2-3 teaspoons.

2. Q. Why is honey so good for sore throats? A. Honey has been a sore throat remedy for centuries. Honey contains propolis, which is nature’s antibiotic. It also has great antibacterial properties and is soothing on the throat. So, when you have a sore throat have a teaspoon of honey, try some Propolis Throat Spray or some honey lozenges, all available at our Country store or our online store.

3. Q. How is Royal Jelly harvested? A. As the Queen cells contain an abundance of Royal Jelly, much more than the larvae can use, it is harvested from these individual cells and it is scraped out with a very small tool.

4. Q. How is Pollen harvested? A. Bee pollen is trapped using a perforated metal screen that fits over the entrance to the hive. The pollen-collecting bees come back to the colony and enter through this screen where the pollen pellets are captured from the bees legs and fall into a collection container for storage. Pollen is only collected from strong colonies and can spare some of this high protein food. Weaker colonies require all of the pollen they collect to feed their young.

5. Q. How is Propolis harvested? A. Since Propolis is a combination of sap collected from deciduous trees and beeswax, it is extremely sticky. It is collected in two ways, either by scraping it from the hive itself in the winter (when the Propolis tends to be harder and comes off easily) or trapped in frames. The frames are put into the hive in place of the inner cover and when the lid is propped open the bees will fill the trap with Propolis to keep out the light. The frame is then removed, frozen and the Propolis falls right off.

6. Q. Why is there alcohol in Propolis Tincture and what type of alcohol is it? A. The reason alcohol is put into Propolis Tincture is because it helps to increase the tincture’s absorption rate. The type is grain alcohol. There is also alcohol-free tincture available.