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Hivelights March 2017

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After a weather roller coaster in February we’re just hoping that March has more consistency. What do those wild temperature fluctuations do to the bees? If it’s only for a few days in a row, warm days near 10C are helpful – the bees get out for a cleansing flight and some fresh air. However too many warm days (three or more) will trigger them to start foraging. As we know – there’s no flowers, nectar or pollen in Alberta in February or March so valuable honey supplies are used up in the search with no reward. Secondly if the temperature plummets quickly some...

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Hivelights February 2017

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Winter seems to be the time when humans want to cleanse – their homes, their bodies – anything with accumulated muck or clutter. Honey bees are no different. Since they don’t hibernate, the warm temperatures we had a few weeks ago got them in the mood to cleanse. The most obvious cleaning is to rid the hive of debris – wax, dead bees – anytime the temperatures near 10°C the housecleaning bees start pushing garbage out the door. At the same time their sisters are continuously streaming outside for a ‘cleansing flight’ – not to clean out their...

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Mead Matters September 2016

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Many of you will be thrilled to hear that our next batch Bodacious Black Current mead is almost ready! It’s in the final stages, and though it is very hard and torturous work, members of the staff are tasting it to be sure it is just right. 😉 As of right now the mead is very close to perfection, so expect new bottles of Bodacious Black Current on the shelf soon! Innisfail area mead fans will be glad to know that the Central Alberta Co-op Liquor Store now carries Chinook Arch Mead. Please like &...

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Hivelights August 2016

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  Around North America and likely the world, I’m sure many people are effectively saying ‘ Wow, what weird weather!’ In Alberta July was punctuated with dramatic thunderstorms almost daily. The result has been good for our bees since the majority of the hay crops they forage on have been left uncut. It’s shaping up to be a bumper honey crop and our extracting will be starting this weekend, a week earlier than normal. If you love the taste of comb honey fresh from the hive, come visit – there’s bound to be samples! The Observation hive in the store is...

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Slow Cooker Honey Pulled Pork

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SERVES: 6 – 8 INGREDIENTS 3 ½ lb. (1350g) pork shoulder cut into 2 3 Tbsp (45ml) paprika 2 tsp (10ml) black pepper ½ tsp (3.5ml) dried thyme ½ tsp (3.5ml) cayenne pepper 4 cloves minced garlic ½ C. (120ml) honey ¼ C. (60ml) red wine vinegar 3 Tbsp. (45ml) olive oil 1 C. (240 ml) Flavours of the Foothills Barbeque Sauce 1 onion, peeled and chopped INSTRUCTIONS In a medium size mixing bowl, mix together the spices including garlic. Pour in the honey, vinegar, olive oil and barbeque sauce and stir. Place the onion in the bottom of the slow cooker. Top it with the pork then pour the honey...

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