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Open Farm Days 2017

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Alberta Open Farm Days is a unique opportunity to learn where Alberta food products come from. The Chinook Honey Farms will be participating with some very exciting workshops. Visit the Chinook Honey Company pollinator walks and learn all about the plants bees are attracted to, or pay to drop-in on apiary or meadery workshops. In addition, at 1pm and 3pm, you can also book an apiary workshop for $10 adults, and  $7.50 children and seniors,which includes a discussion of bees and beekeeping, and open hive demonstrations weather permitting. For adults, meadery workshops are also available at...

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Mead Matters – August 2017

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Making mead requires a totally sterile environment. Art is giving the fermentation tanks a thorough sterilization as well as all other equipment in anticipation of a busy fall and winter mead production schedule. Have you been on one of our Meadery Tours? Join us and learn how we create our award winning meads! Meadarita Ingredients:  1 oz. gold tequila 1.5 oz Melissa’s Gold Mead 2 oz Limeade Concentrate (Not Diluted) Directions: Rim a cocktail glass with salt. Shake all the ingredients  with ice. Strain into cocktail glass. Enjoy! Please like &...

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Hivelights – August 2017

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What a difference a month makes! The western heat wave has dominated and any rain has been insignificant. The flourishing crops of June, if still standing, have withered in the heat and flower nectar has almost dried up.  Bees are foraging far and wide now, but at least pollen is still readily available for brood. Our honey harvesting starts next week – and then we are begging for that precious commodity – rain. Wonder of wonders, our store observation hive finally swarmed! The queen is now 3 years old and still very productive, so it was ‘packed hive’ last Monday afternoon when she decided...

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What to do with a Local Bee Swarm

Posted by on Jul 18, 2017 in Hivelights | Comments Off on What to do with a Local Bee Swarm

Swarms  happen when bees are trying to find a new home. While on this search for the perfect place, the queen will get tired so she will settle somewhere with majority of the bees clustered around her. Sometimes the swarm lands on trees, the ground, or even on cars. These swarms can look scary, but are relatively harmless. The bees are not yet territorial since they are effectively homeless, so they are of little danger to people around them. That being said, please still keep your distance. Please note: Chinook Honey Company is NOT able to provide swarm removal services.   Bees are...

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The Great Canadian Dinner Challenge

Posted by on Jun 30, 2017 in Recipes from our Kitchen | Comments Off on The Great Canadian Dinner Challenge

This month we’re challenging all of you to create your own unique ‘Canadian Dinner’ using some of the great food products made, hunted or harvested in each one of the 10 provinces and 3 territories. Canada has some very unique foods that aren’t found in other countries, as well as special recipes developed by cultures who call Canada home. Our map just touches the surface of the many options available. Whale blubber from Nunavut may be hard to find in PEI, but bannock should be manageable! Send us a photo of your Canada Day creation using Canadian food (including...

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