bee venom


What is bee venom?

Bee venom, or Apitoxin, is another remarkable product made by the honey bee that has many health benefits. It is simply the poison that makes the bee stings painful. It is a bitter, colorless liquid and usually causes a burning, reddening, swelling or itching reaction. A honey bee will only sting if she feels threatened or perceives the hive is threatened.

Why Use Venom?

The use of bee venom has been going on for centuries and dates as far back as ancient Egypt, Europe and Asia. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and has been proven very effective in reducing symptoms in inflammatory conditions and rheumatic disorders. Bee venom ointments were created in the hopes of receiving the benefits of bee venom stings without the actual sting.

What is Bee Venom good for?bee on finger

Arthritis * Muscle Pain * Nerve Pain * Sports Injuries * Sciatica * Poor circulation * Lumbago * Myalgia * Inflammation * Immune system difficulties

What does Bee Venom contain?

Bee venom is a mixture of  histamine, pheromones, enzymes, peptides, amino acids and other acids, with 63 components in total.


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CAUTION: Bee Venom may cause a severe allergic reaction.  If signs of a rash or other symptoms appear, consult a physician. Don’t use with Adrenocortical steroids, TCA’s, NSAIDS, cox-2 inhibitors, or Beta-blockers.