Mead Matters

Mead Matters March 2017

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  Another batch of Black & Blue is in progress and this week saw the addition hundreds of  pounds of black currants. Our black currants are from Kayben Farm – only a few miles away. The nest addition will be blueberries from BC. In our melomels (mead with fruit) we try to use local sources whenever we can. Now if only we could find a supply of Alberta blueberries!  The most difficult part for Chinook Arch Meadery staff is the regular tasting that must be done in order to assist Mazer Art in deciding exactly when the mead is ready for the next step. 🍷 Looking for a way to...

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Mead Matters – Nov 2016

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The fermentation room is a busy place these days. Meads in production now include the popular Ginger Bochet which we haven’t had on the shelves since last fall. It will be out just in time for Christmas – a great gift idea! This mead is a perfect balance of honey sweet and ginger heat, and makes a superb digestif as well.  Apples are a treasured fall fruit so why not celebrate the season with this apple cider mead cocktail. This is excellent to enjoy on a chilly day, especially if you can gently heat it beforehand. Ingredients: 750 ml (26 oz) Chinook Arch Meadery Fire ‘n...

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Mead Matters – Oct 2016

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It’s only October and its already getting very chilly. Luckily Fire and Spice is back for the season and ready to warm you up from the inside out! The delicious mixture of mead and spices is a metheglin has a taste that reminds many of home made apple pie and the holiday season. Best of all, it can be served warm for those really cold days. The Bodacious Black Currant we’ve been following through each step of production will be released this weekend, just in time for Thanksgiving. Consider a fruit filled Sangria punch to start off your holiday dinner. Once the bees are wrapped...

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Mead Matters September 2016

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Many of you will be thrilled to hear that our next batch Bodacious Black Current mead is almost ready! It’s in the final stages, and though it is very hard and torturous work, members of the staff are tasting it to be sure it is just right. 😉 As of right now the mead is very close to perfection, so expect new bottles of Bodacious Black Current on the shelf soon! Innisfail area mead fans will be glad to know that the Central Alberta Co-op Liquor Store now carries Chinook Arch Mead. Please like &...

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Mead Matters July 2016

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Summer time means patio cocktails and mead is the coolest cocktail ingredient. Wild Watermelon Mead Cocktail is refreshing with just the right balance of sweet and tart. 2 oz. Chinook Arch ‘Melissa’s Gold’ or           ‘John Cameron Classic’ 11/2 oz. Watermelon Juice 2 tsp.    Lime juice 2 Tbsp. Honey- ginger syrup (Honey- ginger syrup: 2 oz grated fresh ginger, 1/2 C. honey, 1/2 C. water Boil, steep & strain) Either juice watermelon and strain or purchase bottled watermelon juice. Combine all ingredients, shake with ice then strain. Garnish with a small...

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Mead Matters June 2016

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We have an amazing new bar!  Come check it out this weekend and save 10% on your mead at the same time.  Thanks to J-Mak for their great work.     Out and about, Mazer Art Andrews was pouring AND entertaining at the Aspen Crossing Wine & Cheese Excursion May 21st. What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon with friends!  Check out their many Train Excursion options. Back in the Meadery, Art has been busy putting the finishing touches on the newest Black & Blue.  If clearing goes well, it will be bottled by next week and released in early July.  We can hardly wait! With...

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