Hivelights February 2017

Winter seems to be the time when humans want to cleanse – their homes, their bodies – anything with accumulated muck or clutter. Honey bees are no different. Since they don’t hibernate, the warm temperatures we had a few weeks ago got them in the mood to cleanse. The most obvious cleaning is to rid the hive of debris – wax, dead bees – anytime the temperatures near 10°C the housecleaning bees start pushing garbage out the door. At the same time their sisters are continuously streaming outside for a ‘cleansing flight’ – not to clean out their heads but to empty their intestines by defecating. Honey bees have an amazing ability to ‘hold it’ for many months, but there is a point that ‘holding it’ for too long can create a form of dysentery we call nosema. Nosema can be deadly – hence beekeepers celebrate when we see yellow bee poop in the snow!

On a sweeter note, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. Check out some of our very special honey, mead and recipes below, especially if you want to create a romantic evening.

February 25th we’re on the road again, this time heading for the Southern Alberta Food & Beverage Expo Medicine Hat . If you’re in the Hat, please come and say hi!

And even though it’s presently -20 something, spring is just around the corner and plans for the 3rd annual Horde at the Hive are underway for May 13th and 14th. If you’re an artisan of the old crafts from the viking era and want to participate in the Viking Market, click here.


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