Hivelights Jan 2017

Our outdoor hives are buried in snow, nicely insulated from our recent extreme cold. Inside those hives the bees are tightly clustered to keep warm. However, our store observation hive is behaving quite differently. We’ve been feeding them supplemental honey regularly and it seems this has inspired the queen. The day before Christmas we spotted her laying eggs; shortly after there were capped brood and now we have young new bees throughout the hive. This is not normal, but it’s a welcome boost to the hive population as we get closer to spring!

Saturday January 14th we’re in Lethbridge pouring mead at the Alberta Food and Beverage Expo 2017 from 5pm – 10pm. Lethbridge fans please stop and say hello! We’re located in booth 23 in the South Pavilion. For only $20.00 you can try the best local food and spirits from the area. It’s an amazing deal!


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