Hivelights May 2017


May has got to be one of the busiest months in the Chinook Honey world. The bees need extra food and unwrapping, in addition to preparing for and receiving new packaged bees and the dividing of bursting hives to create new colonies. Throw in Alberta’s unpredictable weather and it can be mayhem! Also, next weekend we’re celebrating Vikings with Horde at the Hive May 13th and 14th. Here’s some of the new features you’ll be sure to enjoy:

Calum Lykam is a Scottish story teller who will be camped in the Viking Village and sallying forth with tales of Viking lore. His depth and breath of knowledge from the era will astound and entertain one and all. Nick Goetz, of The Devils Hand Blacksmith will be set up in the Village as well and demonstrating his talents, working with flame and iron in Viking style. In the Artisan market the crowd favourites Master Ark’s, Rocky Mountain Maille and Teresa Wyse Pottery are returning and new additions include exquisite leather work from Porter Custom Leather and Woodworking. On Saturday we welcome Southern Comfort food truck and on Sunday Chimmi’s Fresh Grill. Both are sure to keep us well fed with a variety of victuals. This event is free and great edu-entertainment for the whole family. What a splendid way to celebrate Mother’s Day in the country!

Amidst all this human activity the bees are calmly going about their usual business. The queens are laying eggs at a greater rate as more dandelions bloom and pollen becomes more abundant. Our newest discovery of bees foraging for resin (used in their propolis production) on our local sea buckthorn bushes emphasizes how every planting you make can help bees in multiple ways. A honey bee requires water, pollen, nectar and resin – discover some of their favourite plants and shrubs in this article by  The National Botanic Garden of Wales. As well, sea buckthorn is a hardy shrub that grows well in Alberta and the berries are packed with vitamin C!



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