Raspberry Shrub

Raspberry Shrub

1 cup (250ml) Artisan Mead Vinegar
1 cup (250ml) mashed raspberries, fresh or frozen

Staff Photo by John Patriquin, Friday, July 21, 2006: Raspberry shrub made with sparkling water.

Mix in a glass bowl or jar. Let steep for 2 – 3 days. Strain in a fine sieve or jelly bag overnight. Do not squeeze.
Add ½ cup honey to 1 cup infused vinegar. Heat gently until honey is dissolved. Store in the refrigerator, preferably in a glass or plastic container.

To use: Mix 2 tablespoons of cordial to 1 cup water, sparkling water or champagne.
Garnish with a fresh raspberry and sprig of mint.

Note: Glass, plastic, wood, enamel, or stainless steel containers should be used for storing vinegar – vinegar will corrode other metals.

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