tour FAQ’s

1. Q. Can we see the bees during a tour? A. Absolutely! We have a large observation hive in our Discovery Centre where you can see the bees heading outside and perhaps returning with nectar or pollen, building their comb or feeding the young.

2. Q. Is there seating available on the tours? A. There is seating available during our Apiary Tour however there is no seating available on the Meadery Tour.

3. Q. Is your facility wheelchair accessible for the tours? A. Yes we are wheelchair accessible for both the Apiary and Meadery tours.

4. Q. If I am allergic to bees could I still come for a tour? A. Our tours are indoors and the observation hives are behind glass. However we are a working honey farm and there may be bees foraging in the area outside. Although honey bees will generally not sting unless they feel threatened, there is a still a slight risk of being stung.

5. Q. Do I have to reserve a spot for the tours? A. Our drop-in tours, which are regularly scheduled throughout the spring and summer (see tours for 10 or less) are very popular and we do recommend that you call ahead and reserve a spot. All group tours must be booked in advance.